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Flowgrids Limited was founded in 2011. Our focus is on petroleum engineering, geosciences, and training consultancy to create value for the upstream oil and gas industry.

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Flowgrids data analysts perform portfolio screening to identify best early development assets, inventory and review of previous interpretation and analysis, update and check the quality of subsurface data to save time and cost of analysis and  studies period.

Our DQMA services cut across all kinds of subsurface data. We work with you, to ensure that your data are acquired and inventoried properly to meet the highest standard of data quality. We are all aware of the inherent challenges that come with growth and expansion, such as attending to issues that are of higher priorities, production targets, reservoir management, and target delivery issues. Limited time is available for your staff aiming and progressing to management level to deal with the data, and thus putting DQMA at the back burners. We will serve as your back office to put DQMA at the forefront, where it belongs.

We are committed to working with you to get your data ready to use for further analyses and studies, saving you time and money.