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Flowgrids Limited was founded in 2011. Our focus is on petroleum engineering, geosciences, and training consultancy to create value for the upstream oil and gas industry.

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Production Logging and Optimization Of Well Performance


Our production engineers are ready to analyze and interpret your production logging data to identify the type and movement of fluids in and around the wellbore

Flowgrids well optimization team will analyze your production logging (PL) data–measurement of fluid parameters on a zone by zone basis–to describe the type of fluids and movement of fluids in and around the wellbore. PL results are useful for optimizing well completions, identifying zones near the wellbore contributing to excess water production, and designing methods to mitigate the production of unwanted fluids.

PL Services offered by Flowgrids  include

  • Production Logging Training (Classroom)
  • PL Planning and Design
  • PL data analysis and interpretation