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Flowgrids Limited was founded in 2011. Our focus is on petroleum engineering, geosciences, and training consultancy to create value for the upstream oil and gas industry.

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At Flowgrids, our reservoir and production engineers are at the front of using state-of-the-art technology in integrated reservoir analysis to evaluate pressure, rate, and production depletion during the development of reservoirs.

Flowgrids reservoir engineering team has experience using modern technology for reservoir analysis. Our analyses range from pressure transient, rate transient and production decline analyses, application of material balance, nodal analysis and integrated well performance methods to diagnose well performance and forecast pressure depletion, production rates, and reserves. We evaluate pressure, rate, and production data to estimate reservoir and aquifer properties, establish communication and connectivity (or lack of it) between reservoir units, and forecast future reservoir production profiles required to develop oil and gas reservoirs to maximize recovery.

We will provide support for you to solve the reservoir and production-related petroleum engineering problems. We have experience using commercially available software for fluid characterization, rate and pressure transient analysis, deliverability analysis, production decline, and pressure drop calculations. Our experts carefully listen to you to understand the project objectives and then work with you to mutually define the scope of work.  We maintain constant communication with you during project execution to ensure that the deliverables are clearly presented to meet your requirements.