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Flowgrids Limited was founded in 2011. Our focus is on petroleum engineering, geosciences, and training consultancy to create value for the upstream oil and gas industry.

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We are versed in the art of building and managing complex simulation models for our clients to use in estimation of field performance under a myriad of production and injection schemes, as well as, the forecast of reserves, and understanding of reservoir development risks.

At Flowgrids, we know the importance of designing customized workflows to build robust models to match reservoir production history and predict for future well and reservoir performance. Reservoir simulation services offered by Flowgrids include black-oil simulation (gas, oil, heavy oil production, single and dual porosity reservoirs), limited and full compositional simulation (gas storage, condensate, volatile oil, miscible flooding), gas or water injection performance evaluation, forecasting and optimization of reservoir production, uncertainty, and risk analysis. We conduct reservoir simulations as part of integrated studies to support field development planning. We provide you with results for making decisions on how to best develop and maximize your asset value.