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Flowgrids Limited was founded in 2011. Our focus is on petroleum engineering, geosciences, and training consultancy to create value for the upstream oil and gas industry.

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Flowgrids Limited is a leading provider of consulting solutions ranging from reservoir characterization, data integration and engineering analysis, production engineering and well optimization, reservoir simulation and modelling to integrated multi-disciplinary studies for field development planning. We provide the best informed-decision support for reservoir management. Our range of services includes:

Data quality management and analysis(DQMA)

Flowgrids data analysts perform portfolio screening to identify best early development assets, inventory and review of previous interpretation and analysis, update and check the quality of subsurface data to save time and cost

Reservoir characterization and geosciences

We integrate accurate seismic interpretation with petrophysical analysis, reservoir geology, production and reservoir engineering to characterize subsurface reservoirs. The output of reservoir characterization is a geomodel

Production Logging and Optimization of well performance

We have a motivated and dynamic production optimization team ready to analyze and interpret your production logging data to identify the type and movement of fluids in and around the wellbore.

Reservoir Engineering

Our reservoir engineering team is experienced using modern technology for reservoir analysis. Our services include pressure transient, rate transient, and production decline analyses,

Peer Review

Give us the studies conducted by a third-party or your staff, and you will receive invaluable, constructive feedback from our team of subject matter experts.

Reservoir Modelling and Simulation

We are versed in the art of building and managing complex simulation models for our clients to evaluate field performance under a myriad of production and injection schemes,